Imagenex Technology manufactures a wide variety of sonar equipment with one purpose in mind: to provide the sharpest images to your computer screen. Each system in this growing product line integrates the latest in sub-miniature electronics into industry proven, robust underwater housings for a total package that is small, rugged, and will provide years of maintenance-free use.

Imagenex model 881AL-GS Gyro Stabilized sonar.

Ease of use is an integral part of the Imagenex design philosophy of sharp images. Each sonar system is designed to maximize imaging time and minimize setup time. The custom software available to operate most Imagenex sonar systems has been refined into a package that is user friendly, yet complete with various options for sonar control, data display and recording. All Imagenex software operates on Microsoft Windows™ PC or laptop.

Each Imagenex sonar system is hand built, individually burned in and ocean tested before shipment. This Quality Assurance program provides even more value to our entire product line. The Quality Assurance continues with a standard one year warranty and free telephone technical support.

Imagenex manufactures a wide range of Sonars: multibeam, sidescan, mechanical scanning, echo sounders and specialized kits for AUVs. Here are just a few of their products:

The Imagenex 852 is tiny, perfect for the BlueROV2!

852 Ultra-Miniature Imaging


The Model 852 Digital Imaging Sonar was designed for use with the smallest of ROV’s. For maximum flexibility, this is a design with a fluid filled front end and a pressure housing for the electronics. The unit requires approximately 2.5 Watts from 24 VDC, or optional 48 VDC. Serial communication is utilized, RS-485 or RS-232 at 115.2 kbps. This unit will scan a maximum of 360° with a maximum range of 50 meters. The total weight in water is less than 0.2 kg (0.4 lbs).


  • Ultra-miniature size is ideal for mounting on today’s micro ROV’s
  • Continuous rotation
  • Low cost
  • Direct connection to laptop computer

Imagenex SportScan side scanning sonar.

Imagenex SportScan


The Imagenex SportScan is an affordable dual channel, high-resolution, digital side-scan sonar geared toward the sport diving market. Operate the SportScan directly from your laptop or desktop PC. All that is needed is a 12 VDC power source. Connect a GPS receiver for latitude and longitude coordinates.


  • Very user friendly
  • Lightweight and extremely portable
  • Inexpensive
  • 23 m (75′) tow cable included
  • High resolution
  • Up to 240 m 800′) total coverage
  • GPS interface
  • Speed correction
  • Height and length measurements
  • 4 user selectable color tables
  • XTF Conversion program (optional)